Accelerate your Perl learning 2: From novice to adept

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I stated in an article some time back that a challenge in learning is that the knowledge setting experts apart from novices isn’t explicitly known by either – it’s tacit knowledge. Since that was about learning Perl, I just want to bring attention to this good series of blog posts by chromatic under the header “From Novice To Adept”, as they fill in a bit of this gap:

And a bonus: Essential Skills For Perl 5 Programmers.

Are there any other good resources out there expicitly aiming at taking novices to the next level – or is that just when general “documentation” takes over as learning instruments? What’s it like in other languages?

Also, while updating with Perl news, scruffy old has become dashing new!

Updated with new articles March 8, 2010.

The Great Perl Comeback?

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Google Timeline is a wonderful tool! Here is a Google Timeline for the search “Perl” showing an exceptionally interesting trend:

The great Perl comeback?

It may seem like the recent efforts to market Perl, as well as the Perl Ironman blogging drive, is paying off big time in terms of online attention! The graph certainly sends a clear message that Perl is alive and kicking as never before.

Note: I tried to create comparative graphs for Ruby, Python and Java, but was left with enough noise from fake gems, snake attacks and earthquakes to fill several Hollywood movies. Any suggestions for good searches for comparison are welcome.

Note 2: Maybe this is just caused by some Google indexing algorithm gone bad, but a quick visual inspection of the first 100 hits indicated that the August and September hits are real Perl mentions. Is this a real empirical indication that the recent efforts are really paying off?

New newsletter from Programming Psychology Interest Group

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This would perhaps not be newsworthy normally, but I thought the PPIG newsletter was dead. Those rumours were apparently highly exaggerated: the November 2009 issue was just released, detailing among other things the PPIG 2009 workshop and the upcoming 2010 workshop.

It also includes a few links to some really interesting blog posts: Does parallel processing require new languages?, What do you consider readable code?, The Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors and this old article from Computerworld on how community and culture goes hand in Perl.


Oh, and it also seems to be written extensively in rhyme.

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