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Wow, I managed to sneak in a lightning talk about the Psychology of Programming, with a Perl twist, at the YAPC::NA 2010 conference. Very fun – it was my first ever conference talk, and I could certainly work a bit on the style, but it got some people thinking and talking, and that’s a great response.

Someone requested that I post the slides so he could get the url’s I referenced. I think there was too many copyrighted images in the slides for me to put them online, but I’ll post the links for reference:

Working memory limitations: Oberauer & Risse (2010), Selection of objects and tasks in working memory, The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, vol 63 (4), 784-804.

Object Factory Pattern: Update on the Natural Programming Project

Data-driven programming: The Evidence Based Software Engineering database

Also, after my talk someone notified me about the interesting blog Psychology of Video Games

And finally: A million thanks to the people who gave me feedback on the talk!

At the YAPC::NA 2010

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I’m attending the YAPC::NA 2010 which is starting today. If anyone is going there and want to chat about the psychology of programming and how it may relate to Perl specifically, feel free to get in touch with me! I’ll be hanging out with the people as we will be there trying to recruit some people over to Amsterdam too.

I’m also hoping I’ll be able to put together a lightning talk about an interesting little finding from cognitive psychology that might put a light on what the default variable does to Perl code readability.  But as the talk is neither finished, submitted nor approved on the day of registration, it is a bit unlikely that will happen, although I’m hoping for a bit of slack in the lightning talk approval process…

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