A do-it-yourself (Dutch) language course

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I’m just going to leave this here.  When moving to Amsterdam, I put together a quick scraping and spidering script to get a list of the most frequently used words in Dutch to practice learning Dutch and building my vocabulary.  The thinking being that by using the most high frequent words, I would learn the language in a demand driven fashion – and learn what matters first!  It’s got a few bells and whistles like Google translation links and context examples.  I figure I’d share it, since it comes up once in a while.

The Perl code as a Github gist.

Here’s the top 100 words in Dutch.  Run the script to get a larger sample.

I want to develop it further by creating a flash-card generator and make it auto-generate quizzes, since both those methods are known to be good for language learning. Also it would be nice to have it remember the words you’ve seen and learnt.

Also, disclaimer: I’ve lived over 3 years in the Netherlands and my Dutch is awful, so this approach to language learning does so far not have a good track record.


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