I’m an e-commerce expert: I’ve developed e-commerce websites and businesses since the late 90s, and I’m currently Senior Director of Product Management at OpenTable.com. Currently my fascination is using personalization, persuasion and inspiration to make that hard sell online.

I’m a software developer: I have worked with web and software development since 1996, mainly with Perl on the LAMP stack. I’ve led large development teams and built high-impact services.

I’m a psychologist-in-training: I have a B.Sc. from the University of Sydney in Psychology.

I’m a photographer: Occasionally my photos show up on print and online, so I have some claim to be more than a mere dabbler in the art.

I live for travel and work in travel:  With my wife, travel writer @angelarhodes, I aim for visiting every country in the world in our life time, with our first milestone being a 100 different countries before we both hit 40 years.