First of all, welcome to the blog! Second, what is this about?

To start out, “programming” is about computer programming, the art of instructing computer behaviour through language. The “psychology” part is about the scientific study of the mind, brain and human behaviour.  Put together it makes up the stuff this blog is dedicated to explore: the part human brains play in the process of computer programming.

And does that mean asking computer programmers about their childhood?

How fun that ever may be, not really. The intention is to find and share good resources on how programmers and others understand their code, how different methodologies such as SCRUM and XP affect the people programming, applying existing ideas from psychology on programming, such as exploring individual differences, personality types and cognitive processes.

Ultimately, how much our idea of computer programming is of a lone brain communicating with a machine on the machine’s terms, this is rarely the case. Our programming languages are made as much for humans as they are for machines – or rather are bastardized attempts of considering both. Programming is in most professional forms also a form of engineering, where co-operating and communicating with other humans are just as, or more, important than the actual act of building programs.

And who is writing it? I am Mats Stafseng Einarsen. I have 10 years of experience in professional software engineering, as well as a degree in Psychology. Now I want to explore computer programming using the tools of Psychology, such as controlled experiments, statistics, surveys and individual differences measures.  I don’t intend this to be a pure blog, but also a starting point for programmers who want to participate in some experiments and tests and check up on the results. Ultimately, I also want to implement some ideas in real code!

So is it a personal blog? Not really, it just happens to be just one person involved.. If you want to help out, write posts, notify me about some resources, make a cool graphic, help out creating some experiments in your language of choice, please get in touch!

One thought on “A blog about Programming Psychology

  1. Angela says:

    Excellent idea, I look forward to reading more!

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