Trying to learn more about how emotion affects ecommerce, I came across the book “eMotion: Estimation of User’s Emotional State by Mouse Motions” by Wolfgang Maehr.  Basically, Wolfgang Maehr found that you can correlate certain types of mouse movements with emotional states.  Specifically, he found that mouse acceleration, deceleration, speed and uniformity could predict arousal, disgust/delight, and anger/contendedness, all in a sample of 39 participants.

But… how is this not available to me in a handy javascript library?   I am just dreaming of reading off the emotional state of website visitors per page.  Or per blog post for that matter…

If you know of anyone who has made any implementation of something like this, please please leave a comment!


Full research paper with numbers here: eMotionEstimation of the User’s Emotional State by Mouse Motions.


One thought on “Can you detect user emotion with only mouse movements?

  1. can it be used to assess a user’s state of mind in relation to his/her everyday activity ?

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