It turns out I’ve done to my blog what I swore not to: Stop updating it. However, I’ve also sworn that if I did I would come back to it and not give up.

So what happened?

Well, it’s been quiet here because the heat turned up a few notches in my day job, and the opportunities to actually apply psychological methods turned plentiful. I’ve been involved heavily in recruitment in a (the) major Perl employer these days, and while I’ve learnt plenty about the minds of computer programmers, I also find myself in the situation where there’s correspondingly little I can write about it. On one side because there’s limits to how much detail I can write about before giving out information best kept confidental, and on the other side because some parts of a recruitment process needs to be kept inside the company to not give candidates unfair advantages (or disadvantages).

Now in a related turn of events, I seem to be heading to the Nordic Perl Workshop 2010 and I’m thinking about putting together a talk introducing the idea of using methods from Psychology to Perl programming.  Alternatively just a general light-weight something about some subject from the world of Psychology of Programming.  Which leads me to, if anyone who’s been reading the blog still follows it,  what was your favourite post? Or what post would you like to seen elaborated on?  Or what would just make a good talk?

Or to put it like the quintessential computer/psychology crossover, ELIZA, would: Come, come, elucidate your thoughts!

One thought on “Ending The Long Quiet

  1. Trevor says:

    Ah, so can I say that what you are after are ideas about what to write because what you have become interested in at the moment is the relationship between the psychology of programmers as it figures in the HR process, something you want to safely steer clear of? In which case, how about something more about how programmers generate innovative ideas as opposed to reusing safe, well explored ones?
    I find forcing my ideas into a different media helps as in the other media we have different expectations and constraints. For example, as a novice programmer but experienced innovator elsewhere I push programming ideas back and forth between Javascript and PHP, and then into photographs, graphs and blogs – and back. Presumably you have some two way relationship between Perl and your blogs, so do you find this relationship helps you in your programming? Does this give you some edge over programmers who keep their programming more separate from other parts of their life?

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