One of my own favourite, but generally least liked, genres in Psychology is Individual Differences Psychology. Instead of finding what people have in common, the ID approach focuses on what sets us apart. This is the area of IQ measurement and personality types, often with some visits into cognitive psychology, as well as teaching and – particularly – grading.

Related, I just came across this: The Programmers Competency Matrix – it’s the brainchild of blogger Sijin Joseph. It’s not overly scientific (he states he spent an afternoon on it), it makes no claim about predicting work-place skills or productivity, although it does imply a higher score means a better programmer.

It’s still a cool and thorough starting point to think about programming skill measurements.

Which I’ll do now. More to come..

2 thoughts on “Programmer Competency Matrix – how to measure programming skill

  1. robb says:

    yea i’ve seen this table numerous times.
    and every time i see it, there’s always new version of it (but still same content).

  2. Rani S says:

    thanks for sharing it for us..

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