Wow, I managed to sneak in a lightning talk about the Psychology of Programming, with a Perl twist, at the YAPC::NA 2010 conference. Very fun – it was my first ever conference talk, and I could certainly work a bit on the style, but it got some people thinking and talking, and that’s a great response.

Someone requested that I post the slides so he could get the url’s I referenced. I think there was too many copyrighted images in the slides for me to put them online, but I’ll post the links for reference:

Working memory limitations: Oberauer & Risse (2010), Selection of objects and tasks in working memory, The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, vol 63 (4), 784-804.

Object Factory Pattern: Update on the Natural Programming Project

Data-driven programming: The Evidence Based Software Engineering database

Also, after my talk someone notified me about the interesting blog Psychology of Video Games

And finally: A million thanks to the people who gave me feedback on the talk!

One thought on “Psychology of Perl talk links

  1. I am just looking at the Update on the Natural Programming Project video – and wow – there is so much surprising info there! In particular create-set-call versus required params – this goes very much against the trend of ‘immutable objects’ (although it should be possible to reconcile those two) – and yet it feels true.

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