Below are letters home to friends and family I’ve written since 2004. Now it so happens that they are almost all in Norwegian, except the two that are from Norway. Please have a Norwegian friend translate. Or just look at the pretty pictures:


Prelude: Reykjavik, Iceland
Stretch 1: Alajuela/Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Stretch 2: missing (dengue fever and laptop stolen)
Stretch 3: Bocas del Toro, Panama
Stretch 4: Panama City, Panama
Stretch 5: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Stretch 6: Mendoza og Andes, Argentina/Chile
Stretch 7: Rapa Nui, South Pacific
Stretch 8: April in Paris
Stretch 9: Stadlandet, Norway
Stretch 10: Bali og Nusa Lembongtan
Stretch 11: Java til Jakarta
Stretch 12: Living the dream på Lombok
Stretch 13: Enter the Dragon (Flores)
Stretch 14: Heart of Darkness (Borneo)
Stretch 15: Stopover, Hong Kong
Stretch 16: Colombia
Stretch 17: The Amazon
Stretch 18: Rio de Janeiro
Stretch 19: Punta del Diablo, Uruguay
Stretch 20: The Pacific Ocean
Stretch 21: Sydney
Stretch 22: The Great Ocean Road
Stretch 24: Hobart, Tasmania
Stretch 25: Svalbard
Stretch 26: Australia retrospective

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